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Have you seen the news? The FED raised interest rates four times in 2022 to combat the ever-worsening inflation that’s jeopardizing our American way of life, and there will likely be more interest rate hikes in the future. Although the effects of inflation can be seen in all areas of the economy, the pressure often falls the heaviest on small business owners, who must make quick changes or risk falling behind their competition.

Regardless of your outlook on the economy, it’s always better to be prepared. Every news outlet and financial media source is warning entrepreneurs of inflation and the possibility of a recession, so it’s best to prepare yourself for the worst sooner rather than later. By taking proactive steps today, you won’t have to react to problems; You’ll already be in a good position to apply a solution.

Remember: the business with the most capital comes out on top after an economic downturn. It’s important to have a financing relationship in place before you need capital, especially if there’s uncertainty on the horizon. Many business owners believe that financing is only used when your business faces an emergency, but in reality, many savvy entrepreneurs use small business loans to support their growth, allowing them to increase their productivity and streamline their success.

Growth might seem impossible with inflation of this caliber, but with the help of competitive financing, you can take your operation to the next level in any economy. If you’re looking to survive inflation, then you’ll need to manage your cash flow, amongst other things, very carefully, and we’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you do so. Read on to learn everything you need to know about surviving inflation and managing small business cash flow in 2022:

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