About Us

Established in 1995, United Recyclers Group, LLC was created through the efforts of three dynamic auto recyclers. Their goal was to obtain more control over their parts data, and bring to the marketplace an inventory management system that was created by auto recyclers.

Today, the vision of these three auto recyclers has formed the largest progressive group of auto recyclers in North America. With over 525 member locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, URG has created one of the most proactive organizations for the auto recycler.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to lead the industry in providing superior products and services tailored to the operational needs of automotive recyclers.  By embracing technology, building innovative product lines, and offering exceptional educational opportunities, URG places focus on helping our members create efficiencies, improve data security and integrity,  increase profit margins, and enhance their ability to sustain long term growth.

Meet Our Board of Directors

William Abold AKA Billy Abold

billyAPBilly is Owner\President of A&P Auto Parts inc and is Co-owner\president of A&P Auto Parts Rochester, NY. Both Production facilities are Late model full service selling used, remanufactured, new and aftermarket automotive products.   A&P is URG 8000 certified and ARA Gold Seal certified. Currently, Billy co-chairs the NYS legislative chair for ARA-NY. Billy is a past President for ARA-NY and past Board member for Team PRP and PRP-NE.  Billy and wife Nicole of 23 years have 3 children, Alyscia (22), Meghan (21) and Christian (10)

Patrick Garrity

PatbayPatrick Garrity is an owner of Bay Auto Parts and Grandpa John’s Pick & Pull both located in Green Bay WI and is also an owner and President of Sharp Auto Parts located in Stillwater MN near the Twin Cities. Patrick received a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Wisconsin in 1993. He then joined the family auto recycling business in Green Bay. At Patrick’s urging, Bay Auto Parts switched from the HYMS system to Pinnacle in 1999 after having been on HYMS since 1984. Patrick then served on the URG’s Computer Features Committee contributing many ideas that were incorporated into Pinnacle Classic and Pro, most notably his idea for a “work order manager”. Patrick became an owner of the family business in 2005. In 2006 the business added a second location in Stillwater MN and Patrick moved there to set up and run it. Patrick has been on the URG board of managers since 2008

Matt Ehlers

mattMrRI am a first generation auto recycler, starting as a salesman for Mr. R’s Auto Salvage in 1994. My father and I acquired the company over the next 5 years and today it is a completely family-held business. Mr. R’s Auto Salvage is located in beautiful Buffalo, WY and we are an intermediate sized recycler with 14 employees, carrying a wide variety of product lines. Our main customer base is repair facilities, but operating in a remote location means that we do a little of everything for everyone. URG has been an important part of our development since the early 2000s when I first started attending the annual training conference. Shortly thereafter, my business partner Tracy started attending and now we bring a group of staff each year. Learning from people much smarter than us and developing relationships in the URG network has definitely helped advance our learning and profitability curves. Programs such as the co-op, autopartsearch.com, shipping discounts, and many others helped us tremendously as a smaller company by leveraging our combined resources for the benefit of all. URG led to our involvement with Robert Counts, changing our YMS to Pinnacle Pro, and Team PRP. I am very pleased to be able to give back to an organization that continues to be a driving force in providing value and benefits that help recyclers of all sizes and markets. This organization was founded by very progressive and generous people, and it is very rewarding to work with other URG managers and an extremely dedicated URG staff to continue this in new directions.

Greg Wilcox

gregmidwayGreg Wilcox is a first generation Auto Recycler and owner of Midway Auto Parts in Kansas City, MO. Greg actually had 3 uncles who each had their own salvage yards in the Kansas City area. After five years of working the counter and implementing a brokering system for one uncle, he decided to strike out on his own. In October of 1986, he opened Midway Auto Parts with a 3 ½ acre facility and 3 employees. Greg would sell parts during the day and then pull the parts in the evening so they were ready for delivery the next morning. Midway’s full service yard has expanded to over 18 acres with a 2 acre auto sales division. Additionally, Midway has added Midway Aftermarket in KCMO, Liberty U Pull in Liberty, MO and Muncie U Pull in Kansas City, KS. Midway now serves Kansas City with 5 locations and over 100 employees. Greg Wilcox has been very active on the board of the United Recyclers Group for over 10 years and continues to have a great passion for the auto recycling industry.

Tom Denton

TomDknoxOriginally from Long Island NY, Tom and his two brothers moved to Knoxville TN and started Knox Auto Parts in 1995. Growing up in the family business in New York Fueled Tom’s decision to stay in the recycling industry and Knoxville was a perfect fit.
Starting from Scratch Tom and his Brothers have grown Knox Auto Parts from a 3 man operation into a 37 employee auto recycling facility serving east and middle Tennessee. In 2008 Knox Auto expanded into the aftermarket crash parts market by adding a second location with 37000 square feet of new parts to help serve an existing customer base. Tom was a past board member for several years and returned in 2013 to continue serving. He has also served as a board member for Team PRP.

Barry Rubin

barryAmericanBarry, a graduate of Texas University, is a 3rd generation owner of American Auto Salvage in Ft. Worth Texas. American Auto Salvage opened its doors in 1935 and, over the years, has become one of Texas’ leading auto recycling facilities. Growing up, Barry worked part time for American Auto Salvage until 1983 when he decided to enter the industry full time. Barry and his lovely wife, Gwen, have two beautiful daughters which Barry says are his “life’s greatest accomplishments”. Both girls are currently attending Auburn University. Barry is a Past President and current board member of TARA and served on the URG Board from 1999 through 2006. Barry was also one of the original founders of what is now known as Team PRP. Earlier this year, Barry decided it was time to get back into the URG ball game and graciously agreed to serve on our Board.