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special announcement from ARANY

One of our ARNE State Partners needs our help!

Legislation is now before the Governor of Rhode Island, Gina Raimondo, for any motor vehicle less than 48 months beyond the date of manufacture, that states "no insurance company may require any repairer to use repair specifications or procedures that are not in compliance with...

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URG INSURANCE COMPANY: keep more money in your pocket!

Early adopters of the URG Captive Insurance Warranty Program collectively became $1.2 Million richer in 2017, and as a URG member you can experience the same benefit. 
The URG Warranty Program enables members to own their own insurance company or enjoy a fractional ownership with other members in...
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New Partner Announcement

Get the most out of your wheel cores!
You now have the option to see Wheels America in the URG Core Reports and in your yard management systems if you are on the Core Program.
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