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Slow to decompose and toxic to the environment, rubber is an especially important material to recycle, due to the large volume generated annually. The most common form of this material is tires of various types. The following companies offer products to meet the needs of the rubber recycling market.

Granutech Saturn Systems makes a number of different products that are used in the recycling of rubber. The firm boasts over 50 years of experience in manufacturing size reduction equipment for the recycling industry. “We have primary, dual and single shaft shredders, our Grizzly line of grinders and granulators, as well as our powderizers and G4X Refiner mills. Which product, or combination of products, we would recommend depends on the material that will be processed and the final product size required,” explained Greg Wright, vice president.

He also noted that as there are different types of rubber that are recycled, sometimes the material is a clean product, such as EPDM, or scraps from rubber molded products. Recycling such products is a little easier than recycling something like tires, which require a lot more equipment to clean the steel, fiber, and road contaminants from it.

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