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The cost of repairing vehicles has increased sharply in recent years. This has impacted the do-it-yourself (DIY) repairer looking to fix their own car, garages trying to perform quality and cost effective repairs and insurers, where repair costs continue to increase, resulting in higher premiums to the consumer.

Reclaimed Original Equipment (ROE) parts offer a quality, cost effective and sustainable solution to this growing problem. But with the increased use of ROE vehicle parts, comes the increased risk of a dangerous and potentially fatal recalled part, due to faulty manufacture, being fitted to cars.

A bit like a recall in the food industry or any piece of safety equipment such as child safety seats, car parts demand by law, that a recall system is in place. But with high profile failings such as Takata Airbags, the recall system appears to be flawed and does not always protect drivers. The public needs to understand how to safeguard themselves.

Chris Daglis, Australian and International leader in the automotive parts industry and leading independent advisor to some major Australian and International insurers on alternative parts’ strategies, said buyers of any product need to be aware of this increased risk and know how to protect themselves. He explains that the single most important question every driver should be asking right now of their mechanic, insurer or seller of parts is: “Do you know if this car part is safe and not the subject of a recall, and can this part be traced to my vehicle should it be recalled in the future?”

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