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Three Tips to Guide Your End-of-Year Goal Setting

We’re now in the final days of 2022 and it is a popular time to look back on the year: What were your favorite memories? Where did you succeed and fail? What was the most challenging aspect of the year? These types of questions aren’t just good for personal growth but also key to business growth. As we approach the new year, the most successful businesses will reflect on the year, look for improvement opportunities and use their findings to set actionable goals. Here are three tips to help guide your reflection and help you set better goals to elevate your business in 2023.

Review Your Business Insights

The first step in setting actionable business goals in the new year is to check your notes – your notes being your business insights. While not all businesses will have high-tech business intelligence solutions, every business should have some form of insights from the year. These insights should be considered your study guide for goal setting. Take a deep dive into these insights and highlight items that stand out to you. Look for trends within your records and consider where you were most successful financially throughout the year. Were there any consistent factors that appeared during your most successful months? Be sure to repeat that process with your least successful months.

Studying these insights will give you the clearest picture of how your business performed on a macro and micro level and will ensure that you are prepared to set actionable and impactful goals for 2023.

Ask for Opinions on What Worked and What Didn’t

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