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Auto Recycling World speaks to Shan Lathem, President of Cocoa Auto Salvage, Inc., based in Florida, US, about her new position as the recently elected President of the Automotive Recyclers Association, what she hopes to achieve, her thoughts on the auto recycling industry, and where it is headed especially when it comes to collaboration between industry stakeholders.

As I enter my presidential year serving ARA, I contemplate the possibilities this year holds for automotive recyclers. There have always been waves of change that would travel through our industry as the automobile and technologies have evolved. As independent recyclers, we have been able to easily and quickly adapt as needed. New opportunities are upon us, but how do we navigate these waters? It’s an exciting time, no doubt. With all the negatives that surrounded the pandemic, there were certainly some positives for automotive recycling. More people than ever are realizing the value of what we have to offer.

Some of the OEs are making the promise to be carbon neutral by 2030, the others aren’t far behind. This phrase – ‘carbon-neutral’ – seems to have quickly become a common one, right along with sustainability, like it’s a fresh, new concept. Automotive recycling has always been carbon neutral. Who is screaming this from the rooftops?!? Not sure about you, but I haven’t heard anyone publicly giving automotive recyclers the credit we are due. No doubt, you can hear the OEs promising carbon neutrality in the relatively near future.

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