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“You can’t just keep doing what works one time, everything around you is changing. To succeed, stay out in front of change.” – Sam Walton

Whoop-and-holler voice lines, inventory card systems, dumb terminals, and fax machines have completely run their course and are no longer in use in the modern automotive recycling industry. Our industry now embraces computerized yard management systems, data-sharing platforms, email, and messaging services. We have come a long way from those days of manual systems. These advancements have enabled our industry to buy and sell more, reach more buyers, and move much faster – no one will deny that fact. However, how soon did you adopt each of these tools? Were you an early adopter, or were you one of the last to reluctantly accept the changes?

Our world is changing every day – and the rate of change is constantly increasing. Over the past year, it seems as if a new technology or automated solution is being offered to the industry every month or two. Do you feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of technology that is being offered to our industry? Have you ostracized yourself from change due to the complexity of many of these new tools?

“…..if you’re not flexible, you’ll pound your head against the wall, and you won’t see a different solution to a problem you’re trying to solve.” – Jeff Bezos

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Chad Counselman, owner of consulting company – Wise Counsel Group LLC, and Einstein Tools, a software business based in the US, discusses modernization in the automotive recycling industry and what those who have not yet embraced the changes in modernity should consider. For further information, please email Chad at Chad@WiseCounselGroup.com or visit www.Einstein.tools

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