URGNET HOTKEYS ARE SHORTCUT KEYS THAT WORK CROSS-PLATFORM TO HELP STREAMLINE YOUR WORKFLOW. HotKey settings allow you to choose which companies’ data you want to see, and in what order. You can also view aftermarket and reman parts companies’ data.


  • Functions to help you with sales, inventory, management and production
  • Customize and view data and images from the URGNet database – including other members, core companies, reman and aftermarket companies
  • See other yard’s data without paying extra
  • Hit the URGNet HotKey in any inventory management system to view information on the URGNet database
  • Select which yards, and in which order, you’d like to view them
  • Tiers are designated different colors to make the data easier to read
  • NEW: NHTSA Recall HotKey
True design includes a african american covered screw-in top and a couple of chronograph force switches which can be available too throughout steel.