On March 23 BMW North America finalized a National agreement appointing United Recycling Group as their agent in the retirement and managed recycling of BMW vehicles.

In early January, Don Porter was approached by representatives of BMW NA regarding the processing of vehicles that BMW was obtaining from owners via a buyback program. Several partners were considered but URG won the work due to the strength of the member network, and commitment to customer service.

The first project is the retirement of up to 3800 1999 BMW 3 Series that are being bought back from current owners. Administration of the program is being managed by Advanced Remarketing Services, URG member and longtime salvage partner of URG.

BMW will contact vehicle owners and offer the buyback program. If the owner accepts, the vehicle is made available to local URG members. Members are asked to bid on the vehicles to cover the costs of the program.

You must abide by the following requirements to participate:

1)  As vehicles become available in your local market, the units will be posted to the URG salvage site:  at and emails will be sent to members. If you do not have access to the auction site, simply Reach out to our partners at ARS and they will happily assist you.

2)  Member is responsible for pickup. Pickup must be coordinated with owner within 2 days of notice. Upon pickup  you must post the pickup date on the URG or ARS site.

3) A URG is guaranteeing the recycling/retirement of the vehicle, members must execute affidavit upon receipt of the vehicle; stating:

  • Buyer may not, dismantle, remove any parts or otherwise work on the vehicle until Title Documents have been transferred;
  • Buyer agrees to provide environmental recycling services, dismantle the vehicle and arrange for the vehicle to be crushed;
  • Airbags, airbag assemblies and steering columns cannot be removed from the vehicle and must be crushed while contained in said vehicle;
  • No parts or assemblies can be removed for retail sale
  • Buyer will file the appropriate end of life documentation with the State and list the vehicle on NMVTIS reporting.

Primary focus of the Buyback is to manage the destruction and retire the VIN, but members can process all cores and catalytic converters prior to crushing.

While the program only officially began last week first vehicles were picked in February. Eight URG members have already received vehicles from BMW.

We expect that there are more opportunities for URG members like this. Through continued cooperation this program can be offered to other manufacturers and fleet operations.

Once again, if you are not currently participating in the URG auction program and would like access please contact ARS at


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