United Recyclers Group (URG), Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), and Team PRP are pleased to announce the publication of a uniform set of standards guiding part preparation and shipping for the professional automotive recycling industry. The standards are the result of a collaborative effort between the three organizations and will now be collectively promoted throughout industry conferences, training, and organizational resources.

“We are excited to offer this resource to automotive recyclers worldwide,” said ARA Executive Director, Sandy Blalock. “Backed by all three organizations, this effort also incorporated input from the automotive recycling community at-large, and we are encouraged by the positive feedback we have received so far from the industry.”

The standards were modeled on the guidelines initially developed by PRP-Northeast and more recently adopted by Team PRP’s network of 300 automotive recyclers. “This latest collaboration is an example of how ARA/URG/Team PRP are collectively working to move the industry forward in a unified manner that benefits everyone,” said Jarret Hann, Executive Director, Team PRP. “With one voice, we are publishing this document in the spirit of a shared commitment to excellence, working side by side to drive positive change and advancement within our industry,” added Kristi Werner, Chief Executive Officer, United Recyclers Group.

The Parts Preparation & Shipping Guidelines are now publicly available, and all are encouraged to visit the following links:

Team PRP

Automotive Recyclers Association

United Recyclers Group

ARA Second Vice President and Chair of ARA’s Certification Committee, Shannon Nordstrom, added “It is exciting to me, both as a professional automotive recycler and someone involved in Association leadership, to see this new standard be adopted and enthusiastically promoted by all three organizations. These guidelines on how parts are prepared and shipped will be one of the foundational documents used in the Gold Seal Quality Assurance Certification program just recently announced.”

For more information, please contact Kristi Werner, Jarret Hann or Sandy Blalock.


Kristi Werner | United Recyclers Group | E: P: (303) 367-4435

Sandy Blalock | Automotive Recyclers Association | E: P: (571) 208-0428

Jarret Hann | Team PRP | E: P: (844) 832-6777

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