Auto Recycling World JUNE 2022 / by Thea Soule / read original article

As a result of the rising demand for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, coupled with the global supply chain disruptions in the wake of COVID-19 and increases in domestic gas prices, the need for domestic recycling and reuse of batteries could not be more pertinent. 2022 will be the year where the EV battery recycling market thrives in the U.S, facilitating a transformative decade of EV adoption.

As the market transitions from standard combustion engine vehicles to EVs, battery recyclers can scale up for a smooth transition. With monumental, bipartisan investments in infrastructure, including an additional 500,000 project charging stations, the U.S market for EVs is rapidly accelerating. These investments come on the heels of splashy IPOs from EV OEMs like Rivian joining the market, as well as the big player automakers (OEMs) adding several new fully electric models to the lineups. GM, like many OEMs, is committing to an all-electric future supplemented with plans to launch 30 new electric vehicles by 2025. The combination of historic investments in EV infrastructure and the increased sales of EVs is putting the battery recycling market on a trajectory for success; it will also require collaboration and continued support from battery recyclers.

The participation of battery recyclers, including Ecobat along with the Argonne National Laboratory, will help foster innovation that allows for sustainable solutions to the challenges of a growing market.

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