URG is excited to announce the addition of John Catalano Jr. to our Board of Directors.

John is a 3rd generation auto recycler, co-owner of Bionic Auto Parts & Sales Inc, alongside his cousin Anthony Catalano. He started in the industry 26 years ago and has worked in every department of the business.

John Jr has served as a board member of TEAM PRP for several years and is one of the past presidents and board members of the Illinois state association ATRI. John Jr has owned and operated a u-pull-it operation, an aftermarket store, and added the addition of selling remanufactured engines and transmission to the Bionic product line. The passing down of knowledge from his father and uncle has been pivotal to his success.

John Jr attends many different training events and conferences to stay at the forefront of the industry, Profit Team Consulting meetings, URG Conferences, ARA conferences, as well as state and local training events over the last 26 years. John Catalano Jr assumed his current position in July 2021, as President of Bionic Auto Parts & Sales Inc. John Jr believes in donating and dedicating time to organizations like URG is instrumental to the success of our industry.


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