Care Coordination options are now available

Members can call and get guidance on all non-emergent care at $0 Out of Pocket cost for procedures and services. This can be for something like an MRI or a major surgery. This is the member’s choice every time an event occurs or is needed. It is pre-negotiated bundled pricing which is far better than the Broken PPO models in place. This works because now the member is rewarded by making better decisions. Otherwise, they paid the normal allowed amounts, as the plan states.
Each plan will include a robust online Benefit Administration system for account management. This system incorporates all lines of coverage regardless of carrier. This system integrates with most payroll systems and streamlines all needed onboarding materials such “sign offs” on Handbooks, W2, Benefit Enrollments with LIVE dashboard views with collection and reminders notifications.

Also included with each plan are comprehensive Human Resource services & professionals

ACA Reporting
Simply generate Forms 1094/1095 by importing your completed workbooks. With ACA Reporting, you can even print your forms and file with the IRS or distribute to your employees – streamlining ACA compliance in three simple steps.

COBRA Notices Generator
Satisfying your COBRA notice obligations does not have to be challenging. In 3 easy steps, create all 6 required COBRA notices.Health Plan Compliance Calendar
Just by answering a few questions about your health care plan, you can generate your own customized compliance calendar. Featuring a rolling list of federal compliance dates, monthly reminders and supplementary resources, you will have everything you need to remain informed, meet upcoming deadlines and generate the applicable notices.

Compliance Notice Builder

Produce custom benefits notices for any size company, saving hours of time and effort. When laws or corporate circumstances change, simply update the information and generate a new notice instantly. With Compliance Notice Builder, you’ll have the notices you need in minutes, plus distribution guidelines.

FMLA Advisor

Easily understand your rights and responsibilities under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The FMLA Advisor can assist in understanding notice requirements, valid reasons to leave, which employees are required to provide FMLA leave, which employees are eligible to take FMLA leave, and more.

Federal Poster Advisor

Whether your company is small or large, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) requires that you display a number of different posters in the workplace. Simply identify the required posters and generating a list of federal laws administered by the DOL, along with links to download printable posters with the Federal Poster Advisor.

Multi-State Laws Comparison Tool

This tool is a convenient way for you to view and download labor laws in different states. If you have locations in multiple states, you may be concerned about which state labor laws apply to your business. This easy-to-use resource will generate side-by-side charts that you can use to compare and contrast state laws.

Content Library
The content library is full of information that can be easily searched and downloaded based on the following categories: Discipline & Termination, Employee Benefits, Forms & Policies, Health Care Reform, Human Resources, Recruitment & Hiring, Reference Center, Safety & Wellness, State Laws, and Wellness Information.


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