Mike French & Company, Inc., Lynden Washington, announces that the new ToolBox Virtual Auto Recycler Trade Show™ is now live and can be seen at!

Mike French, owner of Mike French & Company, Inc. and the Auto Recycler’s ToolBox Magazine, “The Auto Recycler’s Trade Show in Print®”, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic shut-down of all industry events and trade shows for the unforeseeable future, has launched a new virtual recycler trade show for the automotive recycling industry. French said, “It’s by auto recycler professionals for auto recycler professionals working together to build up the industry by sharing their knowledge, expertise, products and services.” The Trade Show is now open to the world 24/7 and can be seen free of charge at

The new Virtual Auto Recycler Trade Show™ is growing daily starting with 3 categories: Presenters, Exhibitors and Product DEMO’s. New categories are coming soon: Associations, Auctions, Consultants, Events, Forums & Panels, Inspirational Speakers, Machines & Tools, Software, Technology, Yard Tours, and much more!

“We are inviting all industry professionals to join the show – Suppliers, Vendors, Speakers, Yards, and all Industry Professionals”, French said. “We will post videos for free for at least 6 months, even longer if necessary, as the pandemic interruption continues. After that, participants will be invited to remain for a monthly fee.

Regarding trade show presentation videos, French suggests three video ideas or methods: “The first, which is the fastest and easiest, is to upload videos you’ve previously made about your products and services.The second method is also quick and easy. Just make a quick ‘selfie-style’ video using your smart phone. “Let me explain it this way”, French said, “If I stopped by your trade show booth and asked you to tell me what you do, what would you say to me? Just point your smart phone’s video camera towards you and answer that question.” Finally, the third method is a bit more complicated, yet very nice. Set up your trade show display exactly like you do at a regular trade show event, with all your bells and whistles, then have someone record you giving your regular presentation.

French said, “We’re accepting family friendly content. We’re asking folks to Keep it positive, instructive and helpful. We will view all videos before adding them to the show. We reserve the right to omit or edit content that violates our standards. Basically, it’s no “anti” anything; no negative content, no dirt talking, bad mouthing, name calling, off-color jokes, nudity or pornography. We want recyclers of all ages to feel welcome at the show, comfortable and safe.”

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