Mercedes and BMW Transmissions Tip …
DO NOT take the core until the job is finished!
by Shane Dachel, URG Product Services / Warranty Support


You may already know this, but we run into this often.

On BMW and Mercedes, when you replace the transmission the TCM cannot be over written. The TCM is sold with the valve body as a Megatronics for BMW and Elecrohydraulic Controller for Mercedes.

The Dealerships will get the customer in for programming just to tell them that need to purchase a valve body to get it programmed. The valve body is $2500.00 plus labor in most cases.

But…There is a work around.

When the transmission is installed you can swap the valve body from the core. If the valve body is not swapped from the core the anti-theft system will not let it function properly due to a VIN mismatch. This is not a transmission issue it is an anti-theft issue.

When the customer swaps the valve body it very important that they replace the rubber valve body spacers and seals, they get hard and if reused they will cause a fluid cross leak and have shifting and slipping issues.

When selling the transmission, let the customers know they will need to swap the valve body from their core. If the valve body in their core is the failure, they will need to purchase a new valve body.

It would be wise to offer a mechanical only warranty on these transmissions, valve body and TCM excluded.


The URG Warranty Claims Program is designed to save you time on processing claims and provide efficiency and standardization to reduce warranty claim payments to customers.

We offer a full service program, as well as a software only program.

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