American Recycler Oct 2019 / by MAURA KELLER / Read the original article here
As the automotive industry continues to grow and thrive, automotive manufacturers and recycling companies are turning their attention to enhancing the closed-loop recycling efforts of the U.S.
Closed-loop recycling is a process that has had a profound impact on the manufacturing sector of the automotive industry. The material is recycled to its original state without losing key properties – ultimately allowing the material to be used indefinitely. In terms of environmental sustainability, closed-loop recycling is superior to open-loop recycling because it helps reduce the natural resource consumption for producing virgin material for vehicles.
According to Rodney Krawczyk, president of the Automotive Recyclers Association of New Jersey, from the earliest days of motorized travel to today, professional automotive recycling has evolved into a sophisticated market and technology-driven industry that constantly changes to keep abreast of innovations in automotive technology and manufacturing techniques.
“The industry has grown exponentially over the past several decades,” Krawczyk said. “The industry is a vibrant and thriving part of the automotive supply chain. In the U.S., automotive recycling businesses employ over 140,000 people at more than 9,000 locations, representing over $32 billion in sales annually.”
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