Storopack : URG Associate Member

Posted On: 02/1/19
Posted By: Susan Orr
Flexible Protective Packing Solutions

URG & STOROpack:

Packing and protecting automotive parts can be hit and miss. STOROpack is all about the kind of innovation, customization and technology that URG and it's Members need and appreciate. URG is proud to partner with STOROpack to bring Members custom parts packing solutions that work for their business and their customers.

Packaging should adapt to the goods.
Not the other way around.

STOROpack produces flexible packaging materials such as; Air Cushions, Paper Pads, Foam-in-Place packaging, Loose Fill chips, Pre-Inflated Bubble, Kraft Bubble-Mailers, and Pre-Molded Foam Cushions.

STOROpack's engineering division focuses on designing equipment integration for the customers’ internal logistics to constantly improve the productivity of our customers’ protective packaging process.

Tailored Solutions

Five steps to optimal protective packaging and ergonomic procedures – in the Storopack process, we combine comprehensive consulting, technical expertise, and innovation in order to develop the right solution for you. We analyze the existing packaging and production processes and the current cost situation. On this basis, we ensure ergonomic workflows, optimal value for money, and protective packaging and technical molded parts, which can be integrated into your processes with ease.

About Us

With headquarters in Metzingen, Germany, Storopack is a 4th generation family-owned international company with 62 locations in over 20 different countries.

Storopack North America specializes in protective packaging producing customized and flexible packaging materials. It is their mission to constantly improve the productivity of customers’ protective packaging process and their clients’ unboxing experiences.

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Phone: +1 (513) 874-0314