Forbes April 2020 / by E. Napoletano / Read original article

As small businesses scramble to right themselves in the ever-shifting COVID-19 world, many are in search of resources to help them thrive. The logistics of pivoting a traditionally in-person business to an online platform might seem overwhelming at first blush. However, businesses can go through a logical process to make such pivots.

“When a business thinks about moving online, their first thought is to start selling online,” says Phil Jones, a sales consultant and author of Exactly What to Say. “Instead, they should first think about how they can do a better job of using online tools to serve their existing customers and communities.”

The logical process below, along with thoughts from experts across the small-business landscape, will help your business chart an intentional path for your online pivot—one that puts your customers and community at the heart of every step you take.

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