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There is no better time to emerge as the leader than in the middle of a crisis. Whether the crisis is the loss of a major customer, the main server failing, the price of your company’s stock tanking or the most recent Coronavirus which has shot a hole through the bow of our economy, in the moment of crisis, what is needed is a leader.

Four weeks ago, our economy was on fire and we had not heard about the Coronavirus. Yesterday, I went to Costco and found out the line to get in wrapped around the store, they had no toilet paper, no milk or bread and the number of cases of water you could buy was limited to two. Today, as I meet with staff and clients, there is a feeling of stunned disbelief of what is happening to our economy. I talked to one colleague who said she was terrified she was going to lose her job and did not have the savings to sustain herself. More impactfully, I did not talk to one person who expressed hope that this Coronavirus is going to be a short lived problem.

Although all of us act differently in the moment of crisis, one thing that is always needed when there is a crisis is a leader. The following 6 tips will help you become the leader in the moment when crisis strikes.

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