As the URG community continues to report strong business across the nation, we’re thrilled to witness our Members’ prosperity. While we celebrate these successes, it’s important to acknowledge that industries often go through cycles, and proactive steps during prosperous times can serve as a safety net during challenging periods. This is a good time to consider URG’s innovative solution that not only helps you build a financial cushion but also ensures you retain a larger portion of your hard-earned profits.

Introducing the URG Captive Insurance Warranty Program – a strategic program that empowers members to bolster their financial reserves. Consider this: insurance companies often have some of the largest buildings in most city skylines. This is the case because insurance companies amass substantial reserves for future losses that are not taxed. They then invest and grow these reserves before finally paying claims in the future.

URG Members now have the opportunity to adopt similar business protection and wealth-building strategies employed by major insurance players. URG Members can gain ownership over their own insurance company or partake in fractional insurance company ownership alongside fellow members to back their warranty programs. Adding an insurance component to a warranty program smooths risk, provides asset protection and significantly boosts after tax profit.  This cutting-edge program covers both standard warranties and extended warranties, offering a versatile solution for different business models.

Your warranty captive insurance profits can be invested, paving the way for substantial growth and a wealth creation. Ensure that your hard-earned earnings stay where they belong – with you.

The mechanics behind this Program are straightforward and already proven as the Program has been in existence over four years. URG has established a parent insurance company that extends its license to Members at a minimal cost. The beauty of this innovative approach is its seamless integration into your existing warranty operations. With minimal effort and cost, you can unlock tremendous benefits that directly contribute to your bottom line.

In conclusion, the URG Warranty Captive Insurance Program is a strategic intervention to ensure you keep more of your profits. In times of growth, it’s important to harvest and keep as much profit as possible to build a resilient financial foundation.

Take the first step. Contact our Captive Insurance Program manager, Randy Sadler, at

Learn more about this program HERE

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