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On Monday, ADAPT covered tips about the proper collection and management of customer and employee data. Today, an expert breaks down some basic ideas around keeping your systems secure.

Jon Vorisek is the founder of RepairSurge, a software-as-a-service platform and information provider for mechanics and independent repair shops. He and his team work in and around the web environment all the time, and his work with shop operators gives him a good perspective on common vulnerability points.

One general thing to consider is that big companies aren’t always the targets of hacks and cyber threats.

“I think a lot of people don’t realize that hackers don’t just go after big businesses,” Vorisek says. “We tend to think they’re going after juicy targets like major corporations or government networks. But the reality is that most breaches target small businesses. And unfortunately the majority of small businesses don’t have reasonable measures in place to protect themselves.”

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