EyeMax : URG Associate Member


EyeMax & URG: 

URG is excited to partner with EyeMax Security. In today’s ever-changing market, it’s important to connect Members to some piece of mind – which is exactly what EyeMax’s quality security and surveillance provides.

EyeMax proudly provides
  • Live Security Guard video surveillance and monitoring services
  • Video systems design, installation, training, and maintenance
Primary markets include
  • Recycle Centers, including Scrap Metal Recyclers & Processors
  • Automotive Salvage Yards, Dismantlers, and Recyclers
  • Automobile Dealerships
EyeMax Security is your one-stop source for
  • Security System Research & Design
  • Equipment procurement including financing/leasing
  • Installation & Training
  • Security Guard Video Surveillance
  • Maintenance Services


EyeMax Security goes into action when the customer’s facility is closed. During operating hours, the system is available to customer personnel to help manage their business.
EyeMax Security delivers state of the art security systems and services at competitive prices. We will incorporate customers’ existing video equipment into the EyeMax Security solution to help control expenses.

Featuring a state-of-the-art, fully-redundant, company-owned and operated, Live-Guard Video Surveillance Center, EyeMax Security utilizes the latest digital surveillance systems and software to detect intrusions and fire and take corrective measures immediately, thus helping to prevent theft, vandalism, and fire damage.

EyeMax Security Guards can advise non-threatening visitors that they are being monitored and involve law enforcement, fire fighters, and customer personnel immediately, as appropriate. EyeMax Security concentrates its efforts in select vertical markets. By doing so, EyeMax Security is able to train its Security Guards to handle situations in a manner suitable to each market and each customer. It also allows EyeMax Security to specialize its equipment and services to the needs of particular markets.


Learn more about EyeMax HERE,
or contact your regional representative:
Northern Region
Mike Pittman
866-991-3658 X 702
Southern Region
Pat Cameron
866-991-3658 x 703
Western Region
Bob Croft
866-991-3658 x 704
Central Region
Gerry Rittenbery
866-991-3658 x 705


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