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In the dynamic world of auto recycling, Dan Snyder, CEO of Snyders and Wrench a Part, a Texas-based automotive and truck salvage operation, reflects on decades of industry evolution. From modest beginnings in 1988 to facing corporate consolidators today, Snyder emphasizes strategic planning’s critical role. Drawing on past challenges, he advocates for proactive decision-making to secure business futures. His insights, honed through experience, underscore the importance of vision and execution. He urges fellow recyclers to embrace change, seek guidance, and take decisive action. With pragmatic advice and a call to action, Snyder inspires a new generation to dream big and plan now for a resilient auto recycling business poised for success.

The automotive recycling industry has been very good to me and my family.  I am a first-generation recycler who partnered with my father right toward the end of what many ‘old timers’ considered ‘the good old days’ in the Automotive Recycling business.  The year was 1988.  I had graduated from college just days before, and my father was looking for an exit from his career in construction as a pipefitter/welder.  We started with ten acres of a plowed field and quickly built a three-bay building with a small office and two bathrooms.

Those meager beginnings plodded along for about ten years of slow but solid growth. In the mid-1990s, my younger brother joined our little company, and a few years later, the first ‘big news’ shattered our industry.  Consolidation had found the automotive recycling world by way of LKQ and Greenleaf (Ford Motor Company). The fear and concern among those in our industry was palpable. How would these largely family-owned recyclers compete with the seemingly endless deep pockets of the consolidators?

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