Human Resource Executive JAN 2022 / By Rena Nigam / Read original article 

The past year was filled with ample challenges for companies, from navigating a remote workforce to operating during a global pandemic and rising to meet the new challenges of an ever-shifting world. Out of all of this, a new challenge has emerged—hiring. This pattern shows no signs of slowing in 2022.

Companies around the world will continue to struggle to keep up with rapid demand and growth, while employees who delayed leaving jobs during the pandemic are seeking out new opportunities. As a result, the strong demand and supply gap when it comes to hiring talent will not subside, especially in certain industries like technology.

Here are four tips for surviving the ongoing hiring struggle as we enter the new year.

  1. Focus on retention.

The easiest thing you can do to get ahead of hiring issues is to focus on retaining the employees you have. With the increase in demand, many companies are offering financial and educational incentives in order to lure candidates. Get ahead now by offering these same incentives yourself, keeping your employees feeling valued and motivated. Ensure that your company is an exciting and attractive place to work by offering opportunities to grow professionally, giving high-performing employees “stretch” roles to grow into, and listening to your workforce on issues of remote work and office hours. Both lateral and upward internal mobility has been shown to boost employee retention. Employees will be more likely to stay with your company if they believe they couldn’t find a better opportunity elsewhere. Make it a priority to make sure this is true.

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