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Paul D’Adamo “the Recall Guy”, based in the US, discusses what vehicle recyclers should consider when it comes to packing core to ensure it doesn’t get damaged or mixed up with scrap or already damaged parts.

Life Lesson

My wife and I recently moved from Massachusetts to New Hampshire. After 34 years in the same house, you accumulate a wealth of personal belongings. Priority #1 was to eliminate non-essentials so as not to bog down the moving process. Priority #2 was to ensure that the good stuff gets there in one piece. Hence the phrase “Don’t pack the Waterford Crystal under the Pots & Pans.” If you value something, you must afford it enough TLC through handling, placement, and packaging, or it will be ruined.

Cores are Merchandise . . .Not Junk

The same concept can be applied to Cores. I helped create multiple videos for one of our national accounts to highlight the damage done when cores are packed in a haphazard manner. Customers are rightfully upset when their checks do not match what was invoiced. Recyclers, please don’t take offense, but many of you put cores in the same category as scrap; therefore, your employees treat cores as junk and damage parts when packing the core box. You might want to review your core packing process to ensure more parts arrive in the same condition they were pulled.

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