URG Program Updates

Please note the improvements and additions made to the following URG Programs:
  • When adding parts to the load, you can now assign a box to the parts or assign a part to a stock number.
  • You can now arrange the order of how the core companies appear on the report.
FRESH PATH OVERSTOCK REPORT                              
  • Added: option to search by either an Inventory Part or a Vehicle Search.
  • The Vehicle Search allows you to do a price range, year, make model, single VIN and interchange lookup.
  • Next release will include Location and Multiple VINs.
CORE COMPANY BID SCREEN                                     
  • Export to CSV on Firefox has been fixed.
CORE LOAD IN PROGRESS SCREEN                             
  • Added: Load started date. This is the date the first part was added to a load that has been closed.
  • Added: Picked-up date. This is the date manually set when the core company has picked up or shipped the load. This feature helps to provide an accurate record of how long it takes for payment.
CORE LOAD ARCHIVE SCREEN                                    
  • Added: Ability to “view parts” of past loads.
CCC TIERRING                                                                
  • Added: Exclude parts from tierring. You can now opt to exclude a part from a specific tier which would effect all yards in that tier or exclude parts from an individual yard.
URG is continually working to enhance and improve your experience with our programs. Please contact us with any feedback you may have on these current updates, or updates you would like to see in the future.
For assistance or questions, please contact URG at support@u-r-g.com
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