A quick update on the current benefits of being a DataNetwork customer. 

The main feature of DataNetwork is the integration into Bid Buddy where APU demand data can be downloaded into Bid Buddy and then be added with the demand from the recyclers IMS.  In short, we capture electronic demand and utilize Bid Buddy as the channel to get that missed demand to assist the recycler with vehicle purchasing.

Benefits of DataNetwork/Bid Buddy integration:
•  Capture electronic demand from APU and utilize for what vehicles to buy – most requested parts, vehicles, parts we sent recycler that they don’t have, etc.
•  We also deliver average quoted price and average selected price – this assists in ensuring they are priced accordingly to what the market is showing
•  Our demand helps fill the gaps on part requests that the recycler wasn’t aware of because it wasn’t recorded in their IMS as a lookup
•  One of the most used reports in Data Network is Inventory Grading Performance – or better known as the N/A report
–  The report shows which parts were quoted as an N/A status and removing grade due to conflicting part descriptions ie.grades, descriptions, damage codes, or condition
•  The Quote Summary Report is an overview of the recyclers monthly activity
–  It relates to interchange searches, part hit rate fulfilment in recycled, aftermarket, surplus OEM and reconditioned part types
–  Displays the number of parts that were selected each month which made it onto the estimate as the preferred part for the repair
•  Shared Partner Breakdown Report – Displays dollar amount of parts from tiering partners that were selected as the preferred parts for the repair
–  Essentially measuring the $ amount of tiered parts that were selected from each partner

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