Protect & Build Wealth Through a Captive Insurance Company

Protect & Build Wealth Through a Captive Insurance Company

Captive insurance companies are often misunderstood by mid-market business owners, CFOs and their trusted advisors. The result for many is unnecessary vulnerability in a complex marketplace and operating environment with ever shifting risks.

In its June 2019 issue, CPA Practice Advisor ( has published my article on captives titled, "Protect & Build Wealth Through A Captive Insurance Company."  In the article, I discuss many threats mid-market businesses face, and I outline the "third-party insurance dilemma."  I also propose "a better way - blending third party insurance with formal self-insurance."   

I look forward to hearing your thoughts! To read my entire article in CPA Practice Advisor, CLICK HERE and flip to pages 8 and 9.  Learn more about Captive Insurance - CLICK HERE

Please call me or e-mail me to discuss any questions you may have about risk management and captive insurance companies. 

All The Best,  Randy Sadler

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