Here’s Why the URG Healthcare Program is a Great Option, and Less Expensive!

Here’s Why the URG Healthcare Program is a Great Option, and Less Expensive!

Strategies for Containing Costs
A key focus for the URG Health Plan is finding innovative ways to manage healthcare costs. Traditional benefit designs and cost management techniques have been relatively unsuccessful in assisting employers and their members with cost containment. The URG Health Plan has integrated a number of cost management programs and benefit coverage solutions into our plan designs.

Unfortunately, most people today are totally uneducated regarding the cost of healthcare services. Consumer awareness and education regarding the cost of services is a key element that makes our program unique.
Once informed of their options, most Members are open to doing their part in managing costs. We partner with our Members to provide multiple cost-effective healthcare delivery options, education with regards to the cost differentials, and then freedom for the Member to decide where they would like their care provided. In the end, empowering change through consumer awareness is a unique difference offered through this program.

ER Utilization
Emergency Room utilization has been deemed in a retrospective review to be an inappropriate place of service for up to half of all ER visits. Our program through our OnCall MED concierge telemedicine service, provides instant telephonic access to board-certified primary care physicians to assist in the triage of emergent situations to help our Members determine the most appropriate place of service for their emergency.

OnCall MED - On-demand access to telemedicine consultations anywhere, anytime at$0 Copay for URG Health Plan Members.

Outpatient Imaging and Surgical Services
Utilizing a freestanding imaging center for outpatient radiology, imaging, and surgical services needs can provide significant savings to our Members. Claims data indicate that services provided through a freestanding imaging or surgical center average $1,600 less per procedure for imaging services and $6,700 per procedure less for outpatient surgical services when compared to the same services provided through a hospital outpatient setting. Our Care Coordinators will assist all Members in need of outpatient imaging and surgical services in finding the right care setting suitable for you and your physician.

We encourage you to give some serious consideration to this program that we’ve put together.

Let’s use the power of our URG Membership numbers!
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Neal Scherzinger, Program Manager

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