More Details About the Program
What is required of me to participate in the URG Healthcare Program?

• Need a minimum of 5 full-time employees and 4 minimum to participate in the program
• Provide Employee Census in Excel format
• Meet a 75% participation requirement (excluding those with valid waivers with proof of other coverage)
• Minimum employer contribution of 50% of the lowest employee rate
• Partnering with captive administrators to insure deadlines are met

What happens if I choose to leave?

• You will not be allowed to rejoin for 12 months and will be subject to individual underwriting approval
• Claims experience will be provided
• You will not be responsible for any terminal liability

Our objective at URG is to Make Health Care Affordable. This healthcare plan spreads claims risk over all our groups into a large group by using a self-funded, level pay, platform that includes reinsurance protection, network discounts and differentiated claims management.

By joining together with other groups, to become one large group, we spread the risk among thousands of members as opposed to individual groups. This helps create competitive rates and assumed positive renewals. To be eligible for participation, you must complete the underwriting process and be accepted. All eligible employees are required to complete an individual online health questionnaire. Large groups may submit 3 years of claims & rate history, in lieu of the individual health questionnaires.

The URG Level Funded Health Plans offer a great alternative to traditional, fully insured group health plans. With these plans, monthly premiums are locked in for your plan year and savings are deposited back into your plan to help keep renewal rates lower than comparable fully insured plans.

Once the information is obtained and underwriting has assessed your groups risks, rates will be furnished for your consideration.

The URG health plans are governed primarily by federal ERISA laws. ERISA plans differ from state benefit mandates, which result in lower costs and expenses for sponsoring employers. For employees, the features of an ERISA plan, as described in the Summary Plan Description (SPD), will be similar to the benefits they are familiar with in a fully insured plan with co-pay, deductible and pharmacy benefit options. Each employee will have access to their plans SPD detailing these benefits as they enroll in the health plan. In all cases, the plans are full major medical coverage, ACA compliant with lifetime unlimited maximums.

For questions, please contact:

Neal Scherzinger, Program Manager



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