Recycling Today March 2021 / by Brian Taylor / Read original article

Pennsylvania-based firm works with Plastics Industry Association on auto bumper recycling test project.

Portland, Pennsylvania-based Ultra-Poly Corp. has worked with the Plastics Industry Association on a project to collect and recycle thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) plastic automobile bumper covers. The recycling firm and the Washington-based trade association have published a case study on the project.

The two organizations say the process as demonstrated can direct about 500 tons of plastic toward recycling outcomes. “The study also found the recycled material displays 85 percent to 90 percent of the flexibility and elasticity found in virgin material, making it ideal for numerous end product uses,” says Ultra-Poly and the Plastics Industry Association in a news release.

The process developed by Ultra-Poly does not rely on third-party collectors and processors to gather and preprocess the bumper covers. Instead, Ultra-Poly collects used covers directly from body shops, where they already have been removed from the automobiles and their reusable connected components already have been salvaged.

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