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When considering hiring a person to fill a position available in your company, searching for the right person can take time. We asked Rietje Lulsdorf, Human Resources Coordinator at United Catalyst Corporation (UCC) based in the US, to provide her expertise and give some practical tips on making this process run as smoothly as possible.

The idea of hiring, developing, and retaining employeescan be daunting for any business of any size, it remains, especially daunting for small businesses. The good news is that the basics covered today are simple, powerful and do not require deep pockets. Though undoubtedly, they will require time, commitment, and consistent follow-through. The three basic principles that are foundational to finding and developing the right people will be explained and practical tips are given on how to implement them in your own organization. When implemented correctly they have the potential to have a dramatic positive effect on retention and employee engagement.

Vision, Mission and Core Values must be Communicated

A business, no matter the size, is responsible to determine and communicate its Vision, Mission and Core Values. Not only are these the guiding principles for how the hiring and employee development processes are approached, but they provide the framework for how business should be conducted daily.

“The mission statement is your identity, it’s what you do day in and day out” (Falco). Business owners and leaders must lead by example for the Vision, Mission and Core Values to have the desired effect on a company’s culture. “It is important to set the culture from day one. New employees should not be surprised at what happens in the workplace. Your employees must see that you are consistent in your dealings—in living out your culture. They will watch you and they will emulate what they see. If what they see is not consistent—not morally in the framework of what they believe in, they are going to leave you. This is the moment when as an owner you have to look yourself in the eye and evaluate if you have contributed to the loss of an employee due to an inability to play by your own rules” (Nordstrom). One of the main reasons people go to work is for the way they feel while they are at work (Snyder).

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