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New technologies and innovative products can keep any industry fresh. And the innovation and subsequent influx of electric vehicles (EVs) into the country’s transportation market – albeit slow – is no exception.

Thousands of companies, including most automotive recyclers, are paying close attention to the new technology and how this growing market will affect their enterprise. While recyclers – both large and small – are continually enhancing and expanding their products, processes and automotive recycling know-how, they are also aware that the transition from internal combustion engines (ICE) to EVs may change the way they do business.

According to Anthony Schiavo of Lux Research, many automotive manufacturers are moving away from internal combustion engines and limiting or ending development. Groups like Volvo and Nissan have already confirmed plans to end or spin off ICE development.

“To the extent that ICEs continue to be deployed they will be used in trucks and some performance vehicles,” Schiavo said. “Development will still focus on efficiency, with partial electrification being the core development area. Partial electrification is already the most cost-effective way to improve vehicle efficiency, and it will only get cheaper as OEM’s battery supply chain improves.”

Allen Schaeffer, executive director, Diesel Technology Forum added that heavy-duty commercial truck makers are gearing up for another tightening of EPA emissions standards that will take effect starting in 2027. As Schaffer explained, this will impact Class 3-8 vehicles and will make them more expensive than current new model diesels. At the same time, California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Oregon have adopted California’s more stringent emission standards and a separate mandate in the Advanced Clean Truck Rule that requires manufacturers to sell an increasing percent of zero emission vehicles starting in 2024.

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