Article by Katie Stark and Paul D’Adamo

Are you taking advantage of the Deployed/Missing Airbag Bounty? This is a very new feature RAS has added to the Bounty Program. Ford was the first company to join which means all three of its brands are participating; Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury. Great News! We just signed Toyota (Toyota,Lexus, and Scion) and Mitsubishi. Expect full implementation of Toyota and Mitsubishi by mid-September.

You want me to PULL a deployed airbag?

RECYCLERS WILL NEVER PULL A DEPLOYED AIRBAG. The feature is based on our Mobile App, which we affectionately call the YAPP (Yard Airbag App). The App allows us to capture images of the vehicle and deployed airbags so no recycler will ever have to pull a deployed bag.

How do I sign up for the YAPP?

Recyclers should call or email Paul aka “Recall Guy” to get set up with the YAPP. The YAPP is available for Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones. While available on Google Play and the Apple App store, you will not be able to log yourself in. This is an industry-specific program, and RAS can’t have the General Public downloading the YAPP and removing airbags from random vehicles. Because the YAPP is part of the Federal Takata Recall, RAS must give users permission to log in after some brief training. Contact Paul the Recall Guy (info below) to get set up.

Is the YAPP applicable to Full and Self-Service Auto Recyclers?

YES. While Self-Service Recyclers may use all of the features offered in the YAPP, Full-Service Yards might use the Deployed/Missing function only. That’s why we have all users review their process with Paul prior to unleashing the YAPP in their operation. The flexibility of the YAPP makes it valuable to Full-Service Recyclers as it can work alongside your inventory/dismantling process. Many Full-service auto recyclers are now capturing the deployed airbag images with the YAPP while recovering any valid airbags with their inventory/dismantling system.
Please note: simply taking pictures of your deployed airbags will not be adequate to get paid for deployed images. All images must be contained within the YAPP. The standard protocol for processing any airbags (real or deployed) is to scan the VIN, identify its disposition (good, deployed, missing) take two standard photos of Dash and VIN plate, then either recover valid airbags or take additional pictures of the deployed/missing airbags.
Overall, the YAPP has been a huge success for Auto Recyclers whether they be Full-Service, Self-Service, Scrap Recyclers, and/or Shredders. It’s mobility and ability to capture valid airbags whether they be deployed, missing or intact have made it a tool all Recyclers will want to have in their toolbox.
Call Paul the Recall Guy for more information:
at 401-458-9080
or email 

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