URGNet Control Center

URGNet Control Center

Take back control
of your data!
Allowing outside companies into your system puts your data at RISK!
URGNet Control Center gives the control back to you. Choose which companies are allowed access and which data you want to share.

• Do you know which 3rd party companies are directly accessing your data?

• Do you know what information they have access to – like account receivables and sales history?

• Do you have contracts with these companies prohibiting them to sell your data?


  • Is available to all recyclers, regardless of URG Membership
  • Helps you control and protect of your data.
  • Allows easy tracking of all your data feeds so you can make sure they are uploading properly.
  • Saves you time tracking down which companies need access to your system when the host computer is replaced.
  • Shows you the last date an upload was received and will notify you by email if the data feed is out of date.
  • Takes just a click of a button to authorize your data to go to a 3rd party company.
  • Provides special contracts protecting your data from being used outside of the 3rd party’s specific product.

Please download and complete this form if you have a 3rd party vendor we are currently not working with, requesting a direct data feed from your management system.

To access your URGNet Control Center go to www.urgsalessupport.com

Click "sign in" on the left hand side. Once logged in, click "setup your store."  Select URGNet Control Center.

You will see a list of companies. Check the box by the companies you want your data feed to go and select “I want to feed my data to the above selected companies."

URGNet Control Center will show if your data feed is UP TO DATE. It will also show what data fields are sent to our 3rd party companies.

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