Sterling B2B GROUP

Sterling B2B GROUP

Sterling B2B Group leads the industry with over 10 years in the B2B processing space.
URG proudly endorses Sterling and URG Members receive specialized B2B technology, cost savings and concierge service/support.

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  • Reduce processing costs
  • B2B e-commerce expertise
  • Educational webinars
  • Payment processing efficiency
  • Secure customer data
  • Month to month agreements
  • No cancellation fees
  • Guaranteed results
  • PCI solutions
  • Integration to ERP systems
  • Report automation
  • World-class support


Staying current with the various credit card network requirements (MC, Visa, Discover, Amex, etc) is difficult, and failure to comply with their ever changing requirements can significantly increase your payment processing costs.

Sterling's Interchange Management® provides ongoing management of your transactions to automatically ensure your company qualifies for the best possible processing rates.

Continuous Savings

Through our consultative approach, the B2B Group works closely with our clients to larn about the intricacies of their organization and its specific needs. We can generally reduce client processing costs by 30-40%.

Concierge Service and Support

With a client retention rate of 96%, nearly 25% higher than the national average, Sterling goes above and beyond for their customers. In an industry not known for its customer service, we continue to exceed our client's expectations.



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