Steve Siebold - Keynote Speaker

Steve Siebold, CSP, trains sales and sales management teams how to increase sales, develop people and manage change through Mental Toughness Training. Siebold is a former professional tennis player and national coach. His sports clients include superstars such as Andre Agassi, the Boston Celtics, Florida Marlins and Ohio State University. In 1997, Siebold began working with Fortune 500 sales teams, and has helped companies like Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, TransAmerica and Yamanouchi increase sales by hundreds of millions of dollars. Steve is the author of 8 books on Mental Toughness Training that have been translated into 6 languages.
As the CEO of Siebold Success Network, Steve oversees a team of 118 inside and outside sales people, which gives him unique insights on how to build a mentally tough sales team.
Steve’s work has been featured on every major television network in the United States and Canada, and his interviews and articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, USA Today and hundreds of other publications around the world.
As a professional speaker, Steve ranks among the top 1% of income earners worldwide.

Noah Rickun - Keynote Speaker

Born to sell, other kids were playing in sandboxes while Noah was running his first business…out of his mom’s basement. Today, Noah Rickun is a professional speaker, sales guy, writer, and business leader known for his innovative, passionate, and relatable style. He’s a non-practicing attorney, the former CEO of Jeffrey Gitomer’s TrainOne, and master of “the approach” – the single most important part of any sale. As a speaker, Noah delivers inspirational and informational sales seminars packed with implementable strategies, all focused on helping his audience members to go out into the world and “take their shot.”

Richard Flint, CSP is one of those unique people who has been given the ability to see the clarity in the midst of what looks confusing. Since 1980, he has been sharing his insights and philosophies with audiences all over North America. He is known as the person who knows you even though he has never met you. He has written 13 books and produced more than 100+ audio and video learning programs. Beyond being a nationally recognized speaker and author, he is a lifestyle coach to many who are seeking to stop repeating and start achieving, and a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows. But more than all this, you will find him to be a friend whose understandings can calm your emotional confusion.

D.J. Harrington, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Phone Logic, Inc. an international training company based in Atlanta, Georgia. D.J. serves as a consultant and trainer to over 1,000 privately owned businesses throughout the country, training personnel at all levels of the company, from the operator/dispatcher to the customer service and sales staff. His years as a sales trainer and motivator in a variety of industries, including many of the Top 500 companies in the United States, have provided D.J. with an outstanding background which he brings to every clinic and seminar. D.J. Harrington, CSP known as the “Doctor” to some and the “Car-Diologist” to others has presented over 2000 programs in the United States and Internationally. He has had a blessed life and been awarded the prestigious Certified Speaking Profession designation by the National Speakers Association. He combines his experience, knowledge, high energy and humor to give participants a thought provoking, fun, interactive learning experience. DJ leaves his audience with practical advice and methods to succeed. DJ can give you a “tune-up” or a “complete overhaul”.