Salvage Auction

Salvage Auction

The URG Salvage Auction is the most established national direct to recycler program, for recyclers and by recyclers.

URG has expanded their auction platform to create efficiencies and improve the buyer’s opportunity to purchase vehicles tailored to their operational needs.


In 2013, URG partnered with Advanced Remarketing Services (ARS) to help continually expand the online auction and provide logistical support for online auto sales. The Auction features both low end total loss vehicles and late model heavy equipment.

THE AUCTION IS OPEN TO ALL URG MEMBERS. There is no cost to set up or view the auction.

ARS facilitates the auction process by creating specific auction profiles for URG Members.

Members determine what types of vehicles they are interested in, identify the areas that they would like to cover and the method of communications that best fits their appetite.

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Sign up for the auction platform powered by ARS is easy.
1. Members must electronically sign the bidding agreement and accept the SLAs (Insurance company requirements).
2. If the bidder chooses to tow their own purchases (or coordinate the towing directly) they will need to sign the Towing Addendum (also electronic).
3. Documents required to fax with agreement:
- Copy of dealer/dismantler license
- Proof of insurance / Accord Form
4. Members will receive a call from ARS buyer relations to set up specific profile and discuss what types of cars and which locations are of interest to every buyer. Auctions take place daily. Bidding opportunities are pushed (via email, web or mobile) when a new vehicles is launched on the auction. Standard buyer fees for all participates will be based on the following schedule.

Range Buyer Fee
$1.00 – $500.00: $60.00
$501.00 – $1000.00: $70.00
$1001.00 – $2500.00: $80.00
$2501.00 – $5000.00: $100.00
$5001.00 – Above: $250.00

Members can choose to bid on vehicles with advanced charges. Charges in excess of the winning bid amount and the buyer fee will be immediately reimbursed to the winning bidder.
ARS manages the milestones for the insurance companies, as well as processing titles and payments.

If you haven’t signed up for the auction yet, DO IT TODAY, there is no obligation. Stronger member participation helps make the auction more marketable to new clients.

Questions regarding the auction can be directed to Don Porter 309-310-6448