Co-Op Program

Co-Op Program

Leverage your buying power with other URG Members!
Join other URG Members and enjoy better rates and more negotiating power on products and services for your recycling business.

  • Access negotiated discounts, bulk order and free freight price savings that are passed on to all URG Members.
  • The URG Co-op Program combines the clout of all URG Partners, which results in pricing that is often 10% to 30% cheaper than what a non-member might pay.
  • Save time and overhead on: invoices from and payments to multiple vendors; vendor negotiations; shopping for quotes; new vendor solicitations, reviews and proposals; and no more need for credit hits from vendors.
  • The URG Co-op can be your “one-stop-shop” on multiple vendor orders.
  • If you think you are paying too much for a certain product, and would like to have some help with negotiations and shopping, let us know and we'll do the negotiating for you!
  • Place orders by email to, call Heather at 303-367-4398, fax order form to 303-367-4409

To purchase products, utilize the Co-op Order Form or email Heather at

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