Custom Built Websites

Custom Built Websites

Website Design and Development specifically for the Recycled Auto Parts Industry

Your website is your #1 communication and sales tool
– or at least it should be! 

Let URG work hand in hand with you to create a concise and easy to use site, that focuses on building your brand recognition and converting visitors into customers, and inquiries into sales.

By evaluating your business goals and your target customer, URG can design a site -  whether more ecommerce-driven or more informational/customer service oriented - that connects your visitors to the information they want quick and easy.

We begin by learning about you:
  • Who are YOU? What makes your business tick, and how do you stand out from the competition? The better you define who you are and what you offer, the stronger the loyalty and relationships you will build
  • Who are THEY? Who is your target customer and how do we create the service experience they're looking for? Of course the faster and easier it is find and buy, increased sales will always follow. But let's make sure they feel heard and valued too

Then we design your site with a focus on: 
  • A design that looks and feels like your business
  • Ease of use for the visitor and the customer
  • Highlighting your products effectively with imagery and detail
  • Creating a clear hierarchy of information and a call to action

Lastly, we use our understanding of the latest tools,
trends and user preferences to integrate important features:
  • Part Images - which are shown to instantly improve part sales
  • Chat System - so customers get answers to questions quickly when buying a part
  • Tier Yards - allows you to show other yard’s data as your own to fulfill more part requests
  • Our new Search Results design - leads customers to the part results quicker
  • Aftermarket/Reman Tier - displays parts for sale
  • Stock Number Search
  • Repairable Vehicle Search
  • YouTube video and Blog integration
  • Latest Arrivals Feature - directly on your homepage
  • SEO optimization - so you rank higher in search engines
  • Mobile-Friendly - responsive design for large and small screens
  • Real-time Data Visualization Analytics
  • Support Services - to meet your needs from set-up and into the future


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Here are some recent samples of our work:
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