APU Solutions

APU Solutions

URG's joint vendor partnership with APU Solutions provides great benefits and discounts in collision-parts sales and leads.
Members save 10% if they purchase their DataNetwork product through URG.

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  • It was built on the feedback of successful recyclers like you to enhance your collision-parts sales and leads.
  • It is intelligence you can't find anywhere else - metrics that help you, the expert, make profitable decisions.
  • It is more valuable and affordable than anything else like it - and of course, APU Solutions will continue offering your sales leads from PartsNetwork at no charge.


1.  If insurance carriers using PartsNetwork for electronic part searches are not driving demand to your inventory... Would you like to know how to add more sellable parts when calculating a bid at auto auction?

Supplemental demand metrics make you more competitive at auction to buy more cars and in turn generate more revenue.
The math...
Average cost per car = $1200
Conservative cost of goods = 50%
Gross profit = $600
$600 x 4 cars = $2400 gross profit
Cash flow to buy two more cars to generate $1200 in gross profit
Total gross profit = $3600

Is that worth $95 per month to you?

2. If your inventory contains objectionable descriptions that drive your parts to the bottom of search results... Would you like to know when a part is called "N/A of grade" and why?

A bumper assembly with a "scratch" comment goes into N/A. Once updated to ARA code 5S1 it displays as "A grade" and rises to the top of search results.

DataNetwork identifies parts in your inventory that have objectionable comments. Export N/A results into a spreadsheet and hand it to your inventory department to make corrections. Constant inventory monitoring and cleaning increases exposure and generates more sales.

Is that worth $95 per month to you?

3. If you pass on vehicles at auction because your inventory management system does not show sufficient local demand for their parts... Would you like to know which vehicles generate high demand nationally and low local hit rates so you can play the arbitrage?

At great prices, you can buy vehicles generally ignored by competitors, trusting that you can sell their parts nationally.
Includes: Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar and less expensive makes like Subaru, Mitsubishi and Suzuki.

Is that worth $95 per month to you?

4. If you have inventory part types that nobody is selecting for use on estimates... Would you like to know which are your dead parts?

DataNetwork identifies opportunities to price more competitively; supplement inventory with aftermarket or reconditioned parts; or sell surplus as core to supplement income rather than crushing.

For instance, many adjusters doubt the quality of recycled headlamps. Another cause for low headlamp selection rate: recyclers price non-high intensity headlamps between $75 and $125 when aftermarket and reconditioned headlamps go as low as $65.

Now ask yourself, would you rather...
- Lower your part price to sell?
- Earn pennies for the part from the crusher?
OR - Identify where reconditioned lamps are preferred and sell blemished and surplus lamps to a core reconditioner?

Is that work $95 per month to you?

5. If you look to expand your service area... Would you like to know how to pinpoint the best growth potential?

DataNetwork gauges where to grow based on part request activity, hit rates and suppliers currently serving zip codes surrounding your market. Identify the performance of your market by zip code.

Is that worth $95 per month to you?