Accreditation program

Accreditation program

The URG Accreditation Program identifies industry best management practices for the automotive recycling industry.

Being recognized by the URG Accreditation Program signals to associates and customers that a business is dedicated to providing a superior quality of service and performance, and gives them confidence in the integrity and ability of the auto recycler.

Apply for the URG Accreditation Program to:
• enhance your position within the industry;
• set yourself apart from other recyclers;
• evoke confidence and trust in your customers and potential customers.

The URG Accreditation Program has been been created in line with the internationally recognized set of quality management standards (ISO 9000) that require both internal and external assessment. Producing a uniform set of standards that are specific to the industry and are capable of being replicated from one company to the next allows URG to set the bar for high quality business practices and recognize auto recyclers for their dedication and passion for their business, employees, customers and the industry.

To acquire accreditation, a company must carry out its activities under controlled conditions required in the program. This process also requires an annual certification by an outside third party. The URG Accreditation standards require that each company:

  • Establish requirements
  • Plan activities
  • Control processes
  • Verify that requirements are met
  • Rectify and prevent errors
  • Keep records
  • Require trained employees
  • Conduct internal reviews
  • Use an independent firm to conduct customer satisfaction surveys
  • Pass an annual certification audit

These standards apply to processes that determine buying needs, dismantling, preservation of quality of parts, storage, sales, packaging, shipping, corrective and preventive actions, training of all employees, service after the sale, etc. These processes have been demonstrated to reinforce greater care in meeting customer needs, meeting company quality goals and objectives, increasing customer satisfaction and increasing market recognition by passing certified quality audits.

Please complete and submit a URG ACCREDITATION DOCUMENT for each company. Once submitted, an audit will be conducted within about 90 days. This audit will confirm that these practices are in place.