American Recycler Oct 2019 / by MAURA KELLER / Read the original article here As the automotive industry continues to grow and thrive, automotive manufacturers and recycling companies are turning their attention to enhancing the closed-loop recycling efforts of the U.S. Closed-loop recycling is a process that has had a profound impact on the manufacturing sector […]


Annual Conference Includes 25th-Anniversary Celebration, IIHS Tour,NABC Recycled Rides™ Gifting, Top-Notch Speakers & Industry Networking CIECA announced that registration is now open for its 11th annual conference– Connex 2019. The event is being held in Charlottesville, Virginia, September 16-18. In addition to a 25th-anniversary celebration, there will be a powerful line-up of industry speakers, great networking opportunities, and […]

Storopack : URG Associate Member

Flexible Protective Packing Solutions URG & STOROpack: Packing and protecting automotive parts can be hit and miss. STOROpack is all about the kind of innovation, customization and technology that URG and it’s Members need and appreciate. URG is proud to partner with STOROpack to bring Members custom parts packing solutions that work for their business […]

Automotive Sector Can Harness New Revenue Through Parts Lifecycle Value-Retention

by Michael E. Wilson / RECYCLERS POWER SOURCE / Read original article here In the automotive sector, prospective revenue streams can be achieved by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that embrace greater value-retention practices for parts utilization beyond traditional service lifecycles. The basic tenants of value-retention found in circular economy principles seek to recover all products, components and […]

Time to rethink what can be accomplished with catalytic converter recycling data

By  Cliff Hope, Senior Account Manager, PMR Inc. for Recycling Product News  /  Read original article here Auto catalyst reaches the data age In the automotive recycling world there is endless data produced and studied by companies large and small. Being able to make sense of that data has been the preoccupation of business owners, managers and the […]

Auto Recycling Recent Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges

BY RICK LEBLANC for The Balance Small Business  / Read original article here Did you know that the automobile is the single most recycled consumer product in the United States? Recent Auto Recycling Trends People with junk cars take them directly to a scrap auto business or trade them in at an automobile dealership, but eventually, […]

Top Four OEM Certification Mistakes

December 17, 2018  Melissa Steinken for Fender Bender  /  Read original article here Shop certifications have been on the rise but there are four key mistakes every shop owner should avoid. Island Fender is nestled between dealerships like its own island of repair. To one side is downtown Honolulu and to the other side is downtown Waikiki. Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, […]