Storopack : URG Associate Member

Flexible Protective Packing Solutions URG & STOROpack: Packing and protecting automotive parts can be hit and miss. STOROpack is all about the kind of innovation, customization and technology that URG and it’s Members need and appreciate. URG is proud to partner with STOROpack to bring Members custom parts packing solutions that work for their business […]

EyeMax : URG Associate Member

Sleep better at night with EyeMax keeping an eye on your business EyeMax & URG:  URG is excited to partner with EyeMax Security. In today’s ever-changing market, it’s important to connect Members to some piece of mind – which is exactly what EyeMax’s quality security and surveillance provides. EyeMax proudly provides Live Security Guard video […]

eComply : URG Associate Member

MANAGE, TRAIN, INSPECT YOUR WAY. eComply & URG: URG and eComply are proud to be partners – understanding the great value that each company adds to the businesses of automotive part recyclers. In an ever changing industry, URG helps recyclers grow and eComply makes sure they do it right. A Few Thoughts from Mike James, President […]