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Turtle Hatchery constructs wave breakers from scrap tyres to prevent further erosion and save turtle hatchlings

According to the New Straits Times, in Malaysia, Farina Ashrin (Along), Farisa Azira (Angah) and Fadhil Izzuddin (Alang) who run the Hatchery’s Wave Breaker 2.0 programme carried on their father’s legacy as the guardian of Rimbun Dahan Turtle Hatchery, a private hatchery located along the beachfront of Pantai Chendor, Pahang, Malaysia, in the hope to construct wave breakers using scrap tyres.

Organised by Rimbun Dahan Turtle Hatchery, and supported by The Kasturi, Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Pahang and Fuze Ecoteer, along with volunteers and friends (of the Hatchery), their mission is to construct wave breakers from scrap tyres to prevent further erosion on Pantai Chendor beach in Pahang, on the east coast of Malaysia.

The group place tyre after tyre, neatly in rows on the sand, tying them together with sturdy ropes.

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