Multi-state identity theft ring hitting up recyclers – be cautious of high dollar credit card purchases!

URG has received multiple reports of facilities losing out on hundreds of dollars from scammers. The most recent comes from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Premiere Auto and Truck Parts have asked us to let everyone know about an incident in which a scammer was able to drive away with an expensive engine – a large loss for the yard. This incident is believed to be part of an identity theft ring involved with over $300k worth of stolen merchandise. They are working with local authorities but wanted to warn other yards to be on high alert.
Please make sure you have procedures in place to prevent credit card fraud and identity theft. Take a moment to review your policies and to refresh your employees to protect your bottom line.
Thank you to Scott for sharing this situation with URG Members. We hope the authorities can help you recover the engine and prosecute the individuals that were involved.

For more information or assistance, please contact
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