Automotive Recycling World SEPT 2021 / by Steve Fletcher / Read the original article

Steve Fletcher, Managing Director of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) and the Executive Director of the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA), discusses how OEM position statements that disapprove of the use of salvage parts don’t take into account the impact this has on the circular economy.

Recently, another OEM came out with a position statement regarding replacement parts.

The bit that really warrants concern is that this particular automaker “does not approve the use of salvage or aftermarket parts that are manufactured to the same specifications or tolerances,” referencing, of course, to brand new, OEM or OEM certified parts.

From a recycling perspective, it leaves you scratching your head, particularly when referring to “salvage” parts.

These so-called “salvage” parts that recyclers sell to collision shops are the very same parts that came on the vehicle as OEM from the factory, so how an automaker can make that claim boggles the mind, since they are in essence, saying that you should not use their own parts, simply because they are used instead of brand new.

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