Maybe you listed some parts on eBay using eLink by Hollander, and maybe you had a customer who purchased a headlamp or a mirror, and he complained because, as he pointed out, the photo he saw was of a grille, or a fender, or worse yet, the whole car. He was supposed to get a 2011 Dodge half-ton with a little door damage, not the driver mirror. He saw the $200 price tag, but he didn't bother to read the item title or the description of the part, and eBay is taking his side: You are a false advertiser. You are at fault, not the ESL Rictanuvian immigrant. Hollander grabs the first four pictures from our inventory and links them with the part, so unless I take a few million photos and associate them with their parts, I will usually not have the exact part pictured on eBay. Any easy solutions? I know the URG crowd is pretty sharp, so I am hoping for something magical. Thanks.