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During a profitable year, some recyclers invested for the future, while others considered whether to remain independent entities.

Metals markets have been robust in 2021, with demand often exceeding supply and prices on an upward trend. These circumstances have enabled some recycling companies to invest in their businesses.

Beyond the balance sheet, however, have been trends that also are prompting recyclers to consider if the time is right to leave the business on a high note, whether because of revenue that makes for a good selling proposition or because of regulatory concerns about the future of a vital processing method.

Without question, 2021 was a year of frenetic activity in the recycling industry. This activity was not only in the metals sector but also in the other portions of the industry where pricing was strong and demand remained healthy.

More winners than losers

Ferrous scrap processors certainly have experienced years when the value of their scrap inventories fell during the majority of a calendar year. Fortunately, they also experience years such as 2021, when the value of prompt scrap rose or remained steady in nine of the first 11 months of the year.

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